Foundation for Virginia’s Natural Resources Board Members

Steven Rodriguez - Chairman
624 Madera Road
Chesapeake, VA 23322
Home/Office Phone: (757) 549-0054

Agnes Dowdy Anderson
Roanoke River

Clements T. Berezoski, Jr.
Potomac River

Eleanor Weston Brown
Eastern Shore

Shelley S. Butler-Barlow
Lower James River

Kimberly H. Chiapetto
New River

James W. Garner
Piedmont James River

Jay Gilliam
Upper James River

Sandy Greene
Shenandoah River

Frank Kilgore
Upper Tennessee/Holston River

Jerry M. Lester
Big Sandy River

Roderic H. Slayton
Rappahannock River

R. Lee Stephens
York River

The Honorable Doug Domenech
Secretary of Natural Resources

The Honorable Todd Haymore
Secretary of Agriculture & Forestry

Standing Committees

The Executive Committee shall consist of the Board Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and two other Board members. This Committee shall see to the routine day-to-day operations of the Foundation and Board business.

The Audit Committee shall consist of as many as three Board members who do not serve on the Executive Committee plus the Treasurer. This committee shall meet/communicate with the agency fiscal officer at least annually to receive a financial status report of the Foundation and other relevant information.

The Grants Committee shall consist of a maximum of five Board members representing the various interest groups of the Board. The Grants Committee will be responsible for, but not limited to, the screening of grant proposals, scoring of grant requests, making recommendations to the full Board for awards, the annual review of the grant criteria/process, and oversight of expectations, restrictions and other matters pertaining to donors.

Ad Hoc committees will be appointed by the Board Chair to address special and specific needs as they should arise.